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Click here: http://bit.ly/resourcerucksack to get your 100% free, no-strings-attached resource rucksack. Things are tough and weird at the moment, so this pack of videos, pdfs and further resources will help you face fear, handle change, deal with overwhelm, access calm and more. Please share widely, I’m keen to help as many people as possible. Click http://bit.ly/resourcerucksack to  take you straight to the registration page.

I provide large scale webcasts; one-to-one virtual coaching and group virtual sessions to help you raise your game.  Right now, I’m helping clients grappling with ‘what next?’ how to deal with uncertainty, how to optimise virtual teams, how to maintain productivity. Some clients have never been busier and I’m helping them focus on what’s important and maintain their stamina.Other clients have been hit hard and are working on rebuilding confidence and motivation, and how to move from simply ‘surviving’ into ‘thriving’ – finding a silver lining in the cloud.

Do you need to focus and re-energise you or your team? Do you need help with a particular topic, like resilience, courage, focus or communication? Perhaps you have a particular challenge or goal you want to nail? Perhaps people are doing your head in right now and you need to build relationships and hone communication? Perhaps you want fresh impetus and va va voom?  Get in touch for high support, high challenge webcasts and coaching.  access the ‘resource rucksack and you’ll get a flavour of my style and approach: resourceruckack



Executive Coaching

I’ve been an Executive Coach for nearly 20 years. My goal is to provide maximum support and challenge. I want you to enjoy the sessions – to feel energised whilst facing things head on and making serious progress.

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I’m currently piloting a coaching programme for schools: a keynote speech from me, followed by a series of teacher-led modules to help students to maximise their potential. The goal is to raise wellbeing, attainment, and ultimately employability.  If you are interested in joining the guinea pigs before official release, please get in touch.

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