Will it Make the Boat Go Faster?

Olympic winning strategies for everyday success

The second edition of 'Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?' is here! 'A compelling read; insightful and genuinely useful!' - Sir Chris Hoy 'This book captures the essence of what it takes to motivate individuals, teams and organisations to achieve extraordinary results. These techniques apply both on and off the pitch, whether working on yourself or with others.' - Sir Clive Woodward 'Harriet inspired us to focus on what is important for our success and gave us simple ingredients to help reaching our goals through focus' - Tobias Ragge, CEO HRS Group 'It’s a wonderful book.' - Michael Gracey; Director of 'The Greatest Showman' The book is a gripping story and a coaching compendium rolled into one. Each chapter is split into two parts: in the first part, Ben Hunt Davis recounts a nail-biting episode in his journey to Olympic Gold. In the second part I unpick - in simple, practical terms – how we can use these gold-medal-winning strategies to achieve more success and happiness in our careers and everyday life.