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Harriet Beveridge and Anders Ericsson

Me having afternoon tea (!) with the legendary Anders Ericsson: author of ‘Peak’, the brains behind the world-renown ’10,000 hours of practice’ research and as featured in the Angela Duckworth's recent best-selling book 'Grit'

Perhaps you have a particular challenge or goal you want to nail? Perhaps you want fresh impetus and va va voom? Or perhaps you are feeling a bit stuck and simply don’t know where to focus next? I provide one-to-one coaching support in a couple of ways – either face to face or via my online courses…


Face to Face Coaching

I’ve been an Executive Coach for nearly 20 years. My goal is to provide maximum support and challenge. I want you to enjoy the sessions – to feel energised whilst facing things head on and making serious progress.

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Online Coaching Courses

I’m about  to release a brand new series of online coaching resources. To make sure these are tip top I’m offering them COMPLETELY FREE to a few guinea pig users for a limited time only. Get in touch below to gain access as soon as they are released.

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