I’m currently piloting a coaching programme for schools: a keynote speech from me, followed by a series of teacher-led modules to help students to maximise their potential. The goal is to raise wellbeing, attainment, and ultimately employability.  If you are interested in joining the guinea pigs before official release, please get in touch.

The idea is to provide an attention-grabbing launch (the keynote) and then to follow it up with modules to sustain behaviour change. For the modules, I’m providing a DIY kit which can be used in assemblies/tutor time/lessons, which include short videos, alongside simple guided ‘homework’. Each module addresses one of the challenges I hear most frequently from teachers and students. For example:

  • building confidence and belief (eg for key exams or big transitions)
  • building useful habits (eg strategies for knuckling down to dull-but-essential homework)
  • getting on with tricky stakeholders (teachers you don’t get on with, other students who rub you up the wrong way)
  • dealing with setbacks (eg not getting into the school sport’s team, choking in an exam)