Material and style

colerne gig

“Harriet mixes self-deprecating warmth with a razor-sharp wit. She finds comedy gold in the reach seams of everyday life. Everything from her kids’ homework, trampoline parks and dishwasher-stacking, through to ageing, commuting and Mary Beard…”

I’ve written and performed three solo runs at the Edinburgh Fringe. The first, ‘Mummy’s gone a bit parental’ explored whether it’s OK to Febreze a 6 year old, or to let them take a vodka miniature into school for show and tell. The second, ‘Hello from the other side…. of 40′ looked at ageing –  pondering what Adele’s next album might be…. after 19, 21 and 25… perhaps it might be ’21 again’ or ‘none of your business’. The third focused on the peri-menopause: ‘prepare yourself for Oestrogen Armageddon’. I regularly MC or perform bespoke gigs – eg school socials, charity fundraisers, corporate events – where I write jokes to suit the specific context.