Confessions of an Executive Coach

Harriet delivering a keynote 'Confessions of an Executive Coach'

I’ve coached senior Executives for nearly twenty years. In this punchy motivational speech, I highlight the blockers which typically hold us back – as individuals, teams and organisations – and the best strategies for breaking through.

Delegates will find it reassuring to hear just how common it is for staff in organisations to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or downright fearful. More importantly, they’ll walk away with a fresh spring in their step, equipped with simple hacks to make success simpler, easier and more enjoyable. Insights include how to….

  • Build your belief and confidence (without becoming delusional…)
  • Grapple with change and uncertainty
  • See the wood for the trees – stop getting side-tracked with trivia
  • Be yourself, without being lazy! I.e. stay true to your authentic strengths, without using them as an excuse for mediocre performance
  • Work with muppets! Find common ground, influence without authority and deal with disagreement