Stand Up!

Harriet Beveridge

Based on my talk, I use a warm, humorous approach to deliver powerful messages, make grave challenges palatable and encourage delegates to access their courage to ‘stand up’ and weather the storm.

The talk shares performance-raising secrets from the world of stand up comedy. I’ll help your audience to conquer nerves; challenge assumptions and see their roles, goals and challenges through a fresh lens.  The tone isn’t glib, it’s empathetic, supportive and still powefully provocative. The audience will relax and engage. I’ve been a comic for over ten years, I’m a Funny Women Award semi-finalist and had three solo runs at the Edinburgh Fringe. I’ll explain how to use comedic techniques to make your organisation a more creative, productive and focused place to work. Learn how to:

  • Copy the way comics are always looking for a laugh. How to use this approach to stay focused on what’s truly important to the business – rather than just being busy, busy, busy
  • Use the same process which stand up comics use to generate jokes – in order to smash negative beliefs and find creative solutions to your challenges
  • Deal with challenging stakeholders by channeling the same attitude and methods which comics use to deal with the most rowdy of hecklers